EdiSoft 4 Latest Updates

Version 4.1.4 Build 255
Thursday 28rd of April
Workaround implemented for NEXDOC line issues
Modifications to AHECC Code Entry
Bug fixes
Reduction of notification messages

Version 4.1.3 Build 236
Tuesday 25th of January
Bug fixes for Read Requests

Version 4.1.2 Build 234
Wednesday 19th of January
Bug fixes

EdiSoft 3 Latest Updates

Version 3.92.00 RC1
Thursday 30th June
OAUTH Support (Microsoft 365 and GMail)
If you are running M365 please contact our helpdesk This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Version 3.91.02
Monday 11th April
Includes latest AHECC Codes
Update email address for use with EXDOC's new test amazon email address

Version 3.90.01
Thursday 10th March
Includes latest AHECC Codes