You can download an update program that will bring you the latest version of EdiSoft. To do this, download the appropriate program to disk and then run that update program from a workstation that is configured to run EdiSoft.

You must have version 3.05 or later already installed on your system and you will need a password to install this update. Download the update to your computer or server (do not run the update from the web) and then execute the downloaded file.

To obtain the password, please email the Edisoft helpdesk, or contact us.

Download the latest updates for:

EdiSoft Premium Edition (EDNs, CRNs, RFPs, PRAs, eFIs and Documentation)

EdiSoft Standard Edition (EDNs and PRAs)

EdiSoft Manual (for current Version in .PDF format direct).

Changes in Latest Version (3.86.16) as at 19/10/2021

  • Updated HCNumber field to allow 8 digit characters to match EXDOC's change

If you are updating from a version earlier than 3.46.00 (4+ years old) then you will need to contact the Helpdesk. Major changes have been done that may be incompatible with very old versions of Edisoft.

Before you ring the Help Desk we ask that you read the manual.  This will reduce the load on the Help Desk and thus make this service more accessible to all.

History of Changes

Update History