Online Help

In addition to the online help, we currently have available the following help sheets.

Other Frequent Issues:
O-Auth Setup and Configuration / Troubleshooting

Below are some setup instructions for Authenticating with OAuth. Microsoft and Google have implemented this protocol to make it more secure for POP3 and SMTP Mail Connections. Due to the complexity of this security requirement there are some common errors that occur. Mostly being around the Refresh Token expiring thus forcing the user to re-authenticate again. The below troubleshooting guide should help users with common errors.

"The Port (or Vessel etc) I need is missing"

We provide the table updates with information obtained from many sources but we do not claim the data to be 100% accurate.  If you discover any errors, please advise us by e-mail and we will endeavour to correct any issues.  There have been issues with the Ports table recently caused by various authorities having different / incorrect values.  We have now obtained a download from the UN LOCODE site with all the ports in it.  Hopefully this will give you every port in the world.  Go to the appropriate Table Maintenance (Port, Vessel or whatever...) and click on the "Check" button.

The Wrap Type and Package Type tables used for RFPs can be configured.  You have the option to hide those types you do not use, this will minimise the opportunity for error.  Select Tables / Wrap Type from the main menu and find one of the Wrap Types you use.  Edit this record and make sure the box for your commodity is ticked and that Local Use is also ticked.  Disable the ones you do not use.  Do the same for Package Types.

"I am not getting messages back from Customs / EXDOC / 1-Stop / Babelbridge". Things to check;

  • Make sure your SMTP Server is relaying the messages.  Check with your ISP or IT Department.  Ask the receiving party if the messages are arriving.
  • Make sure your Digital Certificate has not expired.
  • Make sure the particular service (ICS, EXDOC etc.) is operational.
  • See if your IT Department have changed anything (Mail Server, Mail Filter etc.)
  • Have you updated your Anti-Virus software?  Does it need to be configured to allow EdiSoft messages to pass through?